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Qualities of an Effective Tutor

What criteria should you consider in order to find a quality tutor?

Comparison of Tutoring Rates

How much should good tutoring cost and what affects this price?

Length of a Tutoring Session

How long should a tutoring session last to achieve optimal results?

Number of Sessions per Week

How many tutoring sessions per week is a reasonable number?

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Calculus Self-Assessment Test

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Current Tutoring Rates

Please review the rates listed below and do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions about how they apply to you and what the best choice for you would be.

Casual (hourly) Rate


A standard rate that is good for students needing casual help (e.g. an hour a week or two weeks, once a month, etc). This rate is also good for students seeking a one time review session prior to a midterm or an exam.

Group (hourly) Rate


If you have a friend (or two) who is taking a course with you, and you seek to lower your costs, this rate is perfect for you. Group tutoring will help you stay motivated and give an extra person with whom to discuss the subject later.

e.g. In a group of 2 each student pays only $15/h!

Term (flat) Rate


If you have been away from mathematics for a long time or have struggled with it in the past, you are much better off hiring me for an entire term so that you can meet with me as often as you like and not worry about the cost.

e.g. Suppose you decide to meet once a week for 2 hours. In addition to this, you think you might need some extra hours for midterm and exam review:

2 h × 16 weeks (4 months) + 3 h (midterm) + 5 h (exam) = 40 hours
Your hourly rate: $500 / 40 hours = $12.50

Note: your hourly rate is even lower than $12.50 if you use more hours!

Returning Student Rate


I've had students come back to me for as many as three different courses. What keeps them coming back is my huge discount - regardless of the rate you choose, you will only pay half the prices listed above!

Customized Rate


I understand that everyone has extenuating circumstances, which might affect the cost one can afford to pay. I always try to be as flexible as I can, and your rate could be tailored based on your specific needs. Just ask!