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Courses Offered for Tutoring

If your course isn't listed please check with me to see whether I could still tutor you.

NOTE: Click on a course to download course notes, exercise sheets and old exams.

  • Athabasca University

    • Mathematics
      • MATH 209  - Finite Mathematics
        MATH 215  - Introduction to Statistics
  • Certified General Accountants

    • Statistics
      • QU1  - Business Quantitative Analysis I
  • University of Manitoba

    • Computer Science
      • COMP 1010  - Introductory Computer Science I
        COMP 1020  - Introductory Computer Science II
        COMP 1260  - Introductory Computer Usage I
        COMP 1270  - Introductory Computer Usage II
        COMP 2130  - Discreet Mathematics for Computer Science
        COMP 2140  - Data Structures and Algorithms
    • Finite Art
      • FA 1020  - Mathematics in Art
    • Management Science
      • MSCI 5010  - Mathematics for Management
    • Mathematics
    • Statistics
      • STAT 1000  - Basic Statistical Analysis I
        STAT 2000  - Basic Statistical Analysis II
  • University of Winnipeg

    • Statistics
      • STAT-150  - Elementary Biological Statistics I