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A Note on Myself

My name is Vadim Kononov, and I am an alumnus of the University of Manitoba. In June 2010, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics and a minor in German. I have been tutoring for almost 10 years now and have many years' worth of experience, practice worksheets, course notes and other useful material.

When I first started attending university, tutoring was just a means of making a little extra cash to make ends meet. Before long I realized just how much I really enjoy it! I meet a great number of new and interesting people, get to know them, help them, encourage them to succeed and then watch them smile with pride when they do well in their courses.

I've been told by many of my past students that I should become a teacher. Tutoring has shown me the life of a teacher in a whole new light - it's exciting, fascinating and exhilarating. One day, once I get all my other numerous projects out of the way, I, too, might be teaching at a university and continue promoting and raising interest in my three favourite fields: Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics.

In conclusion, I would like add that I consider myself to be very lucky to be able to do something I really enjoy doing (be it tutoring or other things), and nothing makes me more thrilled than an opportunity to help someone else do the same thing by enabling them to get through sometimes long-postponed and highly-dreaded courses.

"A teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary."

Thomas Carruthers