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How much should good tutoring cost?

As with anything in life, you get what you pay for - but in tutoring, there can be exceptions. Here are descriptions of common tutoring sources and reasonable prices for each:

After School
Tutoring programs that occur at school sites after school generally have a few common characteristics. First, there are a lot of kids. Unless you know differently, assume there could be anywhere between 10 and 35 students at one time. Second, because of the number of students, no one will be getting too much personal attention. Third, the adults in these programs are generally either teachers who have already taught for an entire day, or local high school students. Either way, this is not the most effective tutoring environment. Price range for this type of tutoring should be between free and $10/hour.
Tutoring Centres
Tutoring centres such as Sylvan for younger students, and Kaplan or The Princeton Review for older students, offer more than just tutoring. These businesses invest a great deal in student assessments, materials, incentives, and advertising. The tutoring is generally very effective as a result of these measures. Paying for these services is like joining a health club; often there is a one-time sign-up fee between $100 and $200, and then a monthly fee, which generally averages out to between $20 and $40/hour.
Online Tutors
Tutors who work online function in a few different ways. First, they may make themselves available by email to answer questions. The obvious drawback to this can be the turnaround time. Also, online tutors may be available for tutoring via a live chat room. This can be a great format for getting questions answered, but there is the drawback of requiring certain technical abilities from the student. Without effective keyboarding and web surfing skills on the student's part, this service can be overpriced compared to in-person tutoring. Generally, online tutors are available for $15 to $30/hour, though some offer monthly subscription services that range from $150 to $300/month.
Novice Tutors
For younger students, finding an older student in the family or community who can tutor them is often a great way to go. This type of tutoring is best for homework help and straightforward academic progress. Expect personal attention, but not necessarily the most effective diagnosis or instruction. A reasonable price for this type of tutoring is $10 to $15/hour.
Professional Tutors
Tutors with several years of experience and a college degree are often able to combine personal attention with effective teaching methods. Expect that these tutors come to your home, have their own materials, and can adapt to different learning styles and teaching approaches. Tutors of this kind generally cost between $25 and $50/hour.