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This tool will calculate your current grade and also tell you what grade you need to get on the final exam.

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Qualities of an Effective Tutor

What criteria should you consider in order to find a quality tutor?

Comparison of Tutoring Rates

How much should good tutoring cost and what affects this price?

Length of a Tutoring Session

How long should a tutoring session last to achieve optimal results?

Number of Sessions per Week

How many tutoring sessions per week is a reasonable number?

Diagnostic Tests

Calculus Self-Assessment Test

Take this test to determine if you are ready for university calculus.

Algebra Self-Assessment Test

Take this test to determine if you are ready for university algebra.

How many sessions a week is reasonable?

In general, the amount of tutoring you receive should be based on four considerations:

Previous Foundation
If you have a solid foundation in the subject and only need occasional help with topics that are less clear and are harder to grasp, once a week would be sufficient. On the other hand, if you have always been struggling with the subject, you might want to consider having several sessions per week.
Urgency of Goals
If you need quick review and test strategies before you write an exam, 2-3 sessions before the test should be sufficient.
Although many topics can be learned slowly, for rote memorization or concrete skills, such as times tables or long division, daily or almost-daily practice is important.
Many students do not have the resources to pay tutors for five hours or more a week. If this is the case, there are always ways to get free help from your instructors, tutors that are provided free of charge by certain libraries and at various help centres.