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Qualities of an Effective Tutor

What criteria should you consider in order to find a quality tutor?

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How much should good tutoring cost and what affects this price?

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How long should a tutoring session last to achieve optimal results?

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What are some criteria of a good tutor?

When looking at resumes for potential tutors, think of them as you would a potential employee for your household or business. While there are many things that you may hope for in a tutor, there are only two things that are non-negotiable when reviewing a potential tutor's resume.

First, make sure the tutor has significant academic experience with the subject they are being hired to teach. In other words, make sure they are qualified. Passing a high school calculus class eight years ago probably does not indicate that they have the skills necessary to effectively tutor your student in calculus. On the other hand, they are probably well prepared to help with algebra or geometry.

Second, take a few minutes to follow up with a couple references. If the tutor doesn't have any experience, follow up with other references such as employers or teachers. Personal testimony is usually a very valuable insight into the effectiveness and work ethic of a potential employee.

There are many other things that may make your tutor more effective, but are certainly not necessary. For example, a college degree may indicate mastery of study skills, academic rigor and expertise in a field. Likewise, professional training or certification (such as a teaching credential) may indicate more effective practice. Keep in mind, however, that while these things might contribute to a tutor's effectiveness, they do not guarantee it. In the end, nothing speaks louder than customer references.